We’re All Serving Someone

I just read this piece, Inside the Barista Class, by Molly Osberg. It’s pretty long, but interesting. I’m having a hard time recommending you read the whole thing, but I’ll provide a link below. She is discussing being a Barista, and her experience in NYC. Blah blah blah… then this:
Serving can be deeply satisfying work, physically and emotionally; I’ve rarely felt more in my body than on those days when I got the math right, pulled the lever down on the espresso machine as I reached for the next cup, knocked out ninety drinks in an hour. But service isn’t considered lesser than other professions because it’s less honorable, or even requires fewer skills. I’d love to see a graphic designer take apart each component of an ancient espresso machine for which no manual exists, or watch a fact-checker talk a junkie out of a bathroom without getting the police involved. The knowledge required to read a customer, to justify the processes and origins of that $12 cup of coffee, is just as specialized as knowing what a nut graph is. And, to be perfectly real, this is New York, and America, and the world; just a couple steps up the food chain, we’re all serving someone.
These jobs are seen as lesser because we made them this way.

And oh man. Isn’t that great? Isn’t it so true?

Serving is dignified and respectable. Serving can be deeply physically and emotionally satisfying. Serving isn’t lesser.

But we try to make service lesser. (Who is we? Collective we? Societal we?)

When you serve someone, you get to imitate a savior who served you at great cost. His service was humiliating and painful, but he served you because it was his joy to do so. When you serve faithfully, you get to honor God in your service and bring him glory.

If you work in food service (or any other service) you get to actively mimic Jesus’ service to us. And you get to do that every minute you’re on the clock. That sounds like vocational ministry.

So I guess the point is –

Baristas are pastors. (I’m not kidding) (Tweet that.)

Isn’t service great?

Link to the article because I promised (but don’t feel obligated.) – Link

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